Our mission is to provide to our drivers all the necessary tools to boost their career.

Our offer is splitted in two to satisfy the needs of two drivers categories. For the youngest drivers that arrive from kart, the Academy is the perfect place to start their car career. Instead, for the elder and experienced drivers, our courses can give them the right advice to define their career.


Our vision is so simple, but so strong and important: train the champions of tomorrow. 

The selected drivers for our Academy and Courses are the most focused and the most motivated to start a professional motorsport career.


  • Excellence
  • Experience

  • Professionality

  • Dynamism

  • Flexibility

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Our staff of experienced professionists is at your disposal to make your career excellent. Find out more about their stories.

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As official team of JAS Motorsport, we prepare the best Honda Civic for TCR Series. Discover more about this formidable car.

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Our team will be the one that will introduce you into your next champion’s career. Discover more about our story and dirvers.

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